Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Call to Listen Service

We are happy to announce a new service for listeners without consistent internet or a mobile data plan. Until now all our streaming and posted offerings have been tied directly to the internet. Now we have a new way for you to connect that uses your standard phone service. This is service powered by AudioNow uses your normal phone plans which probably means that it will cost you absolutely nothing*.

Save the phone number 641-793-0132 to your phone so you can listen easily whenever you are unable to make it to services. During our normal streaming times you can dial in and listen to the live service. Dial-in at any other time and you can listen to the latest posted sermon. We hope you find this new service both helpful and easy to use.

*T-Mobile and Metro PCS subscribers may have issues or additional costs due to the way they allocate minutes in your plans. AudioNow hopes to be able to find a solution to this issue.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Coming Soon - New Audio Streaming Service

Good evening listeners!

We are happy to announce that we are working on a new service for accessing the Live Stream and last recorded sermon via a standard telephone. This is a great option for listeners unable to access a computer or if you are traveling. We hope to have that up and running in the very near future. As all the details are finalized and things start running we will post more updates. Updates on this new service will also be on our Facebook page or Twitter feeds as well.

Feedback on the service may not be immediately available but we hope to get that feature enabled as soon as we can.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Delays

Sorry once again for the delay in the July 2nd sermons. I didn't realize until Monday that the messages didn't upload correctly and I haven't had a chance to get back over to the church to correct the issue. Hopefully I can get them posted by Thursday July 7th.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Delayed Sermons

Apologies for the delay on the sermons the last few weeks. I have been out of town and trying to catch up the last couple weeks. Sermons from May 7th and May 14th are now available.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Super Sabbath Weekend 2016

Come help the Church of God International and Tulsa Church of God celebrate the last part of the Days of Unleavened Bread and the Sabbath following at beautiful Sequoyah State Park, Wagoner, Oklahoma. A variety of seminars, Bible studies, and messages are planned. We are also blessed to have the Tulsa Church of God Worship Team to help us enthusiastically sing and praise our Father in Heaven throughout the weekend. They will also be performing a special music presentation entitled, “Behold The Lamb” Friday evening. Activities will begin Thursday evening and continue through Sunday morning. We hope to post the complete schedule for the weekend in the next few days.

Click here for the current proposed schedule.

We encourage you to go ahead and make your reservations by calling the Lodge at 918-772-2545. Just let them know you are with the Church of God International when making your reservations. Come and celebrate with us; we look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Feb 27th Super Sabbath

Mid-Missouri Church of God is having a Super Sabbath service on Feb 27th. Click this link to download the brochure.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fun things happening at the Tulsa Church of God this coming weekend!!

Dear Friends!

A quick note to fill you in and remind you of what we have planned at the Tulsa Church of God this coming Sabbath, December 26th! And we want you to be a part of it!

At 1:00 p.m. we will have our regular Sabbath Services with a Split Sermon by Mr. Matthew Steel and a Sermon by Mr. Curtis Whiteley!
Following services we will be having a themed potluck meal, “Chili, Soups and Stew”! Along with whatever other dishes anyone would like to bring.
So come and enjoy a fantastic service, followed by a great meal and fellowship! Don’t worry, if you will be traveling and unable to bring something for the potluck. We want everyone to stay and enjoy the food and fellowship! So plan to come and enjoy the Sabbath with us!

But that is not the end of it! Following the potluck meal we will continue the fun and fellowship with games and entertainment! If you have a favorite game you like to play, bring it! If you want to try a new game, come prepared to learn a new one! I’m sure we will have a very wide variety of games for all tastes!

But that’s still not the end of it! We have more! During the evening we will also have feature length movie about the travels of the Apostle Paul! I haven’t seen it myself, but word is that it’s a good movie! We’ll see if we can’t have snacks and popcorn for the movie! So plan to stay and enjoy the evening with us!

But wait, that still isn’t the end of it! We are continuing the fun all night long with a Youth Lock-In!! Children and teens of all ages are invited to join us for a full night of fun, activities and fellowship! If you have children under 8 who want to attend we do ask that an adult parent please plan to stay the night along with the child(ren). If you are unable to do so, please contact Kim Witt to see if arrangements might be made to watch your child(ren). If you are an adult and would like to stay and help chaperone, you are very welcome to do so! We’d love to have your help and support! If you plan to stay for the lock-in, please bring a sleeping bag, pillows and such (if you plan to sleep at all), toiletries for freshening in the morning etc. A light breakfast will be provided Sunday morning by 9 a.m. and we ask that you plan to pick up your child(ren) by 10 a.m. If you have any questions please contact Kim Witt or you may contact me at Richard Gawith and I’ll try to get you an answer back ASAP.

Almost forgot, anyone who would like to bring snacks for later during the lock-in, please do so. If you bring them in before services start, please be sure to mark them as being for the lock-in so that they don’t get put out during the potluck meal. Also, if you prepare gluten free dishes, please be sure to mark your dishes as being gluten free. And if you bring dishes to be used during the lock-in, please be sure that your name is on the dish so that it will be set aside for you to pick up on Sunday or the next Sabbath. We don’t want anyone losing their dishes or utensils.