Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking for any interested volunteers for Friday 04-16-2010

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Tulsa Church of God,

Progress is looking good on the stage and sound system remodel.

We've completed the framing and rebuild of the stage, scheduled to have the carpet applied on Thursday morning.
The sound/video booth is coming along nicely, still a fair amount of work to finish it but we are trying to have it completed by Friday so that all the new connections for the sound and video can be put into place.

With all the construction, we've created a good amount of dust on everything and we need to have the sanctuary, fellowship hall etc, cleaned before services for Sabbath.

If you have some time available on Friday and would like to volunteer to help, we would be glad to see you visit us to help clean and straighten things up!

I don't really have any firm time in mind, but chances are we can use a little help throughout the day. If you are interested in coming by, you can call us here at the church 438-7777 or call me at 640-0631 and I can let you know how things are going and whether we still need help or not.

Or if you just want to have a sneak peak at the new layout, feel free to drop in. But take note, it's still a work in progress and we might just put you to work!!


Richard J. Gawith


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