Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Photo Gallery - Sanctuary Remodel

Progress is still taking place on the sanctuary remodel but things are looking positive to be fully ready for this Sabbath. In the meantime we have a few pictures up for everyone to see the progress we have made so far. Head over to the Photo Gallery to see all the pictures.
I just want to point out one specific picture that really fit today. I took the picture below today about 15 minutes after we put the last screw into the new stage decking.
The purpose of it all

Matt Steel wrote this directly behind the new location for the podium. It summed up the purpose of this whole venture. It wasn't to make waves, or simple change or find a way to spend money, it was to better do what Paul told Timothy he and we must do. We must watch in all things, endure to the end and above all else "make full proof of thy ministry".
The Tulsa Church of God is a very blessed congregation. We have have many speakers knowledgeable in a wide range of topics and skill sets. We have singers, musicians, choirs and a little bit of anything else you can think of. We have people who work relentlessly to bring the congregation spiritual food every week and others who help send that to the world at large.
The attempt is to provide all the necessary tools and room for individuals and groups "make full proof of thy ministry". Whether it be the ministry through sermons, or the ministry of music, or whatever, the goal is to make it easier, enjoyable and fulfilling. I can't think of any reason that an increase in sound and appropriate ministry is a bad thing.
Brian Gawith
The Tulsa Church of God

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