Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another update/change to online videos

So we have been looking to do something different with our video archive for a little bit now. With our internet connection and recently discovered power issues within our church building we have had issues in the past of problems with the streaming and when the streaming goes down it really disrupts the recording. So we are going to now start using a service called Vimeo for our video archive, as well as UStream.

Ustream will still be used for our live streaming and we will also continue to record with UStream so that there is new content up there available for anyone who may be doing searches within that service. The links in the Online Sermons section of the website will however start changing from UStream to Vimeo. For the first few weeks it will only be new content that is on Vimeo and all existing recording will still be hosted by UStream. But in the near future you will start to see that the archived videos will start switching over as well. 

There are several benefits and perks to switching to this new setup:

  • Content will be in multiple locations most of the time
  • Vimeo will be less prone to video glitches as the video is recorded locally and then uploaded
  • Support for a higher quality video
  • No ads on the recorded content
  • You can download the videos. (a Vimeo account is required but like UStream its free)
  • Speaker albums; once we get more messages up there we will be able to link to an album that contains all the messages by that speaker.

Just wanted to let it be know so there was no major confusion when things started changing. If anyone has any requests for any specific messages they would like uploaded please send an email to and we will see what we can do to add that to top of the list.


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