Saturday, August 14, 2010 trial run- Aug 14th

So as many have noticed the ads on were getting pretty ridiculous. With the new pre-roll that that they do before you could watch the live stream it was getting very frustrating for many people. Sadly the number of free solutions is very limited and the ones without ads even more so (non-existent that I could find). Today, August 14th, we are trying Justin.TV. While it still has the ads at the bottom we have yet to see a pre-roll so that is already a plus in my opinion.

You may have already noticed that we have embedded the feed into the front page of the website and also switched the Ustream button to a button. If you would like to participate in chat please click the link below the embedded video or the button on the right. You will need to signup for a free account to participate in chat (very sorry for that).

There is a way for each individual to remove the ads if they wish by signing up for a Pro account but I do not suggest that anyone do that at this time. If after some testing we decide to switch services permanently then that will be up to you. 
Please email me to let me know which service you prefer or if you know of another service that we can try.
UPDATE: We tried it and it failed miserably. But I don't think it was a problem with at all. I'm pretty sure I have some settings wrong on the system sending the stream out. I will do some more testing through the week and we may give it another try in the coming weeks.
--Brian Gawith
   The Tulsa Church of God

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