Saturday, October 1, 2011

Official move to

So the trials of went relatively smooth. We only had a few hiccups and that was mostly due with just trying to get users over to the new page on such short notice. So with that we are proceeding to move all of our content to

Live streaming has been easy enough, I even put an embedded player into the home page for watching the live stream right from there if you want. Sadly not yet compatible on the iDevices, I have been told soon they will have some embedded players that will work without the Adobe Flash. If you want the full player including archives head over to or click the button on our home screen or Sabbath Bulletin page.

Getting all the archived content is a much longer process. If you head over to our main page at you will find that messages available kind of jump around. I was able to upload some audio very quickly and started from 2003 moving forward through 2007, but then decided to do it the reverse and work backwards but the videos take much longer to upload and process and I run out of time in the day to get very many done. Once the archives are more complete you may see some changes to our website to utilize those archives more. We also have the ability to upload the the handouts our speakers may use as well a good example of that that we have uploaded is Art Williams message "Why Did I Do That?", just look for the PDF logo under the video display.

Very quickly I want to run through the status and future status of some of our other outreach mediums:
USTREAM: This is pretty much dead to us. The cost of removing what ads we could was far to costly and then they still stuck "Recommended streams" on the page that promoted concepts that were not in line with our beliefs.
VIMEO: We are going to keep Vimeo around and actually upload the videos to both places. Vimeo has a very nice HTML5 interface and the videos work seamlessly on every device I have tried it on, the cost is low so we figure why not. The direct link to our Vimeo archive is:
ITUNES: iTunes is still alive and well (with a minor name change if you look closely) and will remain so. Once I can finish up some details with the stuff we also plan to add a video podcast so you can have those downloaded as well or instead of the audio only version.
ZUNE: Hope to update this one as well to reflect the video options.
FACEBOOK and TWITTER: I still think these two services have some potential that I haven't tapped into yet. With the Feast of Tabernacles just around the corner I doubt there will be any big changes on these fronts. I may start looking for volunteers to help with making more use of these services in the future. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts of how to utilize these services for outreach drop me a line at and I will take it into consideration.

Oh one last thing. has and iPhone app. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you can use that app to access all of our content on as well, including the live stream. Just install the app, go to the search button and look for The Tulsa Church of God and look for the one with Lawrence Gregory's name on it. Click it and then click subscribe and it will add us to the Channels portion of the app. That will keep you up-to-date on all of our content on

Thank you all for checking in on us and I hope you all have a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles. Which also reminds me; if you have been to any of our special Praise and Worship services and like what you hear, the Tulsa Worship Team (well most of them anyway) will be performing services several times in Branson, MO for the Feast of Tabernacles. So if you are interested in more details just drop me a line and I will give the specifics.

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