Monday, November 14, 2011

Podcast Updates

OK everyone, I'm back again to give you a few updates about the Podcast feeds. I'll probably be adding a few new links on the home page to reflect the changes. But real quick here are the main changes in a lovely yet straight forward list.

  1. Video podcast is up and running in iTunes so if you search the iTunes store for Tulsa Church of God you should find that if you are interested.
  2. The audio podcast feed has changed location if you are using iTunes then it should have auto-updated now and you should be good.
  3. Zune users (if there are any still) I'm sorry I had no idea I broke the Zune. I'm going to be trying to get the new feeds submitted soon. However, if you click on the collection option at the top of the Zune software and then click podcasts, on the left side towards the bottom, you should see an option to add a podcast. Here are the URLs for the two feeds
    Both in one feed:
  4. If you are using any other podcast software you probably haven't gotten the new updates recently because the code I have for auto redirect is only for iTunes. You can now delete the old feed and add one or both of these.
    Video -
    Audio -
    Both in one feed -
When you get these new feeds you will notice a big jump in the number of available messages especially the audio one. The podcast feeds now contain all the available backlog of messages as well. So if you are interested in older messages keep an eye out as that list grows as I add more and more of our back catalog into the stream.

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