Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Online Sermons update + tutorial

Just wanted to let everyone know that there have been some minor changes that included major upgrades to the Online Sermons section.

So we have gone back to the old look with everything in nice neat columns instead of the integrated video on the page. This makes a lot of sense as the newer style for whatever reason despite my best effort did not display who the speaker of a given message was. So its all back to normal now. Also you can still sort the messages by clicking one of the headings.

All the message titles now link over to the Sermon.net entries. We now have audio for every message that we have recorded going all the way back to 2003 available on Sermon.net. 2012 & 2011 also contain video for most if not all the messages.

Now there are some interesting features that some of you may want to know so below is a quick tutorial/feature guide for your reference.

Clicking on any sermon title will take you to that messages Sermon.net entry, if the message has video available if you click on the play button on this entry than the video will load and start playing, otherwise it will be audio only.

If you would like to change from the video archive to the audio archive click the Media Menu button and then click Play Audio. From this menu you can also choose to download the audio or video of the sermon.

In the same content area below the playback you will notice that there are a few other things you might find interesting. For instance if you are already signed into Facebook on your computer you can click the Like button to share with your friends, same with Twitter. There is also a Share button that will allow you to share with about 325 other services as well.

There is a Bible tab that you can use to look up the scriptures as you go if you prefer to see a different translation rather than the one given in the video, or to chase an idea that you may get while listening to a speaker.

The Notes tab can be used to take notes about a message and then save it all down to a PDF with just a click of a button.

On the Conversation tab you can use a handful of services to start a discussion about a particular message or  reply to someone else if they have already started a discussion.

As usual if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me or post a reply to this post.


  1. I appreciate the work that in put into upkeeping the website. Love having access to video as well as audio. I do not attend much in person but I sure make use of the website, so thanks again.

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