Friday, February 28, 2014

UPDATED 3/1/14: Online Sermons slightly different just recently made some massive updates. Unfortunately, I have not had time to discover all the things that the update has changed yet. One I do know of is the Online Sermons.When you click on the links on the sermon titles it will try to download the audio instead of going to the video page like it used to. To get to the video for now click the Online Sermons button on the left side of the home page and then click the heading 2014 Online Sermons. That will get you to the video I hope to be able to work on this issue on Sunday and have things working properly again. Please bear with me while I work through the changes.

Update: One of the new features is what calls a media center. I have integrated that into the sermons page. now there is now there is no need to be switched to a different site. As of right now only the current year is setup however as the day goes on the others should start to transfer as well.