Sunday, March 9, 2014

Streaming Issues

Our streaming provider performed some major upgrades to their service a couple weeks ago and it had some unexpected side effects, however the most I can do is be supportive of and help the technicians and engineers as much as I can until it is fixed. 

The issues thus far:
Last week (3/1/2014) we had no audio on anything but iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads, all other devices and computers received audio only. This week (3/8/2014) we had both audio and video on all devices as far as I am aware ( I actually never tested an Android device). The only thing that was an issue was that the video would pause for a few seconds and then run at super-speed to try and catch back up with the audio. While this was a minor inconvenience it was an improvement over the previous week. During our services I contacted the support team and we chatted a bit about the issue and was told that we are not the only ones with this particular problem and they requested my assistance in trying to help diagnose the issue. 

The testing:
After services on Sabbath I was back on the phone with and it was decided that it would be best if there was a live feed going that they could monitor and watch for the issue and also check their server logs and diagnostic utilities. So I started looping the recording of Mr. Andrews sermon (which should go up on our sermon page sometime today) and then streamed that as if it were live. 

The results:
The techs and engineers then spent the next several hours watching the results of our live stream to see if they could find the issue. It does appear to still be an issue with the audio codec, which I know sounds a little weird that video would be affect by an audio issue, but computers are strange that way. A final and definitive solution for our current software is not yet available but the team is working diligently to correct the issues. There may however be other avenues to look at to resolve the issues I will be looking at and testing those through out the week.

Please be patient as we too struggle with trying to get things working for everyone again.

-Brian Gawith

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